Who am I ?

Just another human being. I call myself Melle. Of course this is not my real name, but who cares ? I live in a small town full of narrow-minded people, so ,most of times, I feel like an outcast. Anyways, who am I ? That’s a damn hard question to answer. At least, I find it pretty hard. Am I supposed to list my traits and flaws ? Those traits alone can define a person ? I believe there is more to a soul than that. We are a mixture of feelings and experiences, every soul has it’s own story and you cannot describe it with just three words. People shouldn’t affirm things about another one, just because that’s what they believe it’s true.  EG : For a long time other people thought I was shy, but now I hold that I just dislike making small talk and I prefer to listen and observe those around myself, adding a few remarks when needed. Remember, you, the one reading this, are one of a kind, unique, not having to explain your behaviour based on  a “character trait” designated by others.

So who am I ? I don’t know. I change my mind every five seconds when I attempt to define my own persona.