I’m starting to get bad again

They all fall in love, they shall love with burning passion. But , never ever, forget your dear ones, friends and family.  Having a lover is a wonderful feeling, but does that mean you have to neglect those who’ve been there for you all the time ? Do not turn your back on your friends just because your lover asks you to.  Is it really that easy to give up a four years friendship for a “lover” you met a few months ago ? I find it pathetic. It disgusts me that you, my best friend, act like I don’t even exist. I feel as if my soul is being torn into pieces. What for? A guy that is always complaining about everything you do or say? Was it really worth it ? You won’t become aware of this loss soon, but after a year, you’ll wake up one morning feeling empty, like something’s missing. “What is it” will pop up every five minutes until you’ll get it. I’ll be long gone by then.


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