Scarred by thoughts

I thought a lot what I should write about. Feeling lonely is worse than death. Waking up every morning becomes a burden and you start to wonder : Why am I alive ? What’s my purpose ? These questions keep popping up every 5 minutes and they consume you. It gets worse. You look at yourself and you feel useless like no one needs you.

Dear reader, never ever, make someone feel unwanted, because at that moment you sentenced them at a pain I can’t even describe. If your daughter doesn’t have straight A’s don’t tell her she is a disappointment, you never know how this might affect her. Teenagers have feelings too, they do not think all day long about having fun.

Dear soul, support those around you, no matter what they do,  just forgive them. You have more power than you imagine. Words are worse than weapons. Words can break you from the inside, so choose your words carefully. Some of us are weak, we might not look weak, because most of the times we try to hide it. But sometimes it’s too much, the anxiety is too big and our world starts to tear into pieces.

I am a damaged soul, I cannot be fixed and I don’t want to. I carry these scars so I can remind myself how much damage words can do.



2 thoughts on “Scarred by thoughts

  1. Scarred people are beautiful. My scars remind me that I have lived and fought and survived. Just keep at it, I believe the reasons will always reveal themselves at the right time…

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